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Denture Repairs and Care By Our Denturist in Langford

Dentures are made of acrylic and although modern acrylics are strong, they are not unbreakable. Many times a denture in need of repair can be indicative of underlying problems, including the age of the denture, worn teeth, or poor fit. Most denture fractures are easily repaired. Our denturist at Langford Denture Clinic can finish most denture repairs at our Victoria on-site laboratory the same day.

Our Denture Repair Services

At Langford Denture Clinic, we provide the following denture repair services:

A denture reline involves adding new base material to the tissue side of the denture so that it fits properly. A new impression is taken, and in most cases, the reline is completed on the same day the impression is taken.

A permanent soft lining can be added as an additional comfort feature to complete lower dentures. Usually, the permanent lining is processed at the time of fabricating a new denture. It is, however, possible to add it to an existing denture if it is in good condition.

Ultrasonic denture cleaning is recommended once every six months as a proven method to remove bacteria from the dentures, maintain the colour of the acrylic and extend the utility of the denture.

A denture rebase is a procedure performed when the denture teeth have not worn out in comparison to the denture material. It is a process of retrofitting dentures by replacing the acrylic denture base with new acrylic, which provides a stable denture without replacing the teeth.

A temporary tissue conditioner is a soft lining added to complete upper or lower dentures usually in cases where an immediate denture was inserted and the patient is undergoing the process of gum healing and resorption after extraction. The tissue conditioner is temporary, provides extra comfort during gum healing and stabilizes the transitional denture.

We offer several denture cleaning products for sale that yield better results and are not available through the pharmacy.

Living Life With Dentures

Your new dentures (also referred to sometimes as artificial teeth or false teeth by people) can boost your self-confidence. Modern-day dentures are comfortable and convenient. However, you might take some time getting used to wearing them regularly. It is not advisable to keep your dentures on during the night. Leaving them on overnight can lead to a build-up of bacteria and may result in bad breath or, at worst, infection.


It is essential to give your gums some rest by taking off your dentures at night. You should maintain your dentures properly or take them to an experienced denturist to ensure that they are cleaned thoroughly. Call us today for a denture cleaning appointment.



Types Of Denture Repair

If your Dentures are broken or damaged, they may need to be repaired. A professional can advise you on whether your denture set needs a complete repair or some minor adjustments. These are the three most common types of denture repair options available nowadays.



Reline is required when your dentures begin to get worn out over time, which is natural. The gums and soft tissues in the mouth change over some time. Gradually, the changes in the gums and soft tissues begin to affect the denture’s fit. This is when you may need to take them for professional relining.



Another common denture repair is rebasing. Rebasing your dentures involves repairing that replacing the denture’s entire base to ensure greater stability and a better fit. Rebasing often becomes necessary when your dentures reach the end of their lifespan. Your dentures may also need rebasing prematurely due to damage from falling.



If your dentures need repair, your dental professional can also adjust them to provide better fitting and greater comfort. Even minor adjustments can allow the dentures to function suitably.



How Much Time Does It Take To Repair Your Dentures?

Depending on the kind of repair required, your dentures can take anywhere between 24 hours to a few weeks to be repaired. At Langford Denture Clinic, we are committed to providing you with prompt repair and restoration for your dentures, to allow you to carry on with life as normally as possible. Our denturists uses advanced equipment and tools to carry out efficient repairs for your dentures without wasting any time.



Tips to Maintain Your Dentures

To keep your dentures looking and feeling fresh, you should incorporate a daily cleaning routine. This way, you'll be able to remove bacteria or plaque out of them. Clean dentures will help you feel confident in social situations. Here’s how you can keep them clean and fresh:


Soak your dentures in a cleanser tablet solution to deep clean them and remove debris. Soaking your dentures in a solution will help clean up the minute particles that cannot be reached with a toothbrush.


It is also advisable to follow the directions on the pack. Cleaning them regularly as per the given instructions will leave you with cleaner, fresher and brighter dentures.


It is also important to ensure that the water you use for your cleaning solution is warm, not hot – as this may damage the denture surface – and check the water level fully covers your dentures, so they don't dry out.


You should then thoroughly rinse your denture with running water before placing them back in your mouth.

It is vital to store your dentures in water and in a safe and secure place.


Schedule an appointment to book a cleaning session for your dentures and know more about cleaning and maintaining your dentures.

Contact us today for more information.

Thorough Denture Maintenance and Care

Langford Denture Clinic provides you with thorough care and maintenance for your dentures.

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